Theo James Keeps It Real with His ‘Big Greek Family’

theo_jamesGreek-British actor Theo James is making the promotional tour rounds to talk about his role in the upcoming action thriller “Divergent.” The film, set in a futuristic dystopia, revolves around teen Beatrice “Tris” Prior (played by Shailene Woodley of “The Descendants”), who seeks to break free from her homogeneous society that divides people based on human traits.

James plays Four, Tris’ love interest, whom she meets after leaving her faction to join a rival group. Already building a huge fan base thanks in part to the success of the novels that the film is based upon, James told Cover Media that what helps keep things real for him is his “big family,” adding with a bit of laughter, “the Greek thing.”

“Being the youngest of five kids, none of my siblings have anything to do with the industry,” James said during the interview, “and they are very supportive of me but also not. They find it hilarious, they find it kind of ridiculous, in the best possible way.”

Born Theodore Peter James Kenneth Taptiklis in England, the handsome actor, who calls London home, has been traveling quite often with his career on the rise. In addition to his role in “Divergent,” James starred in “Underworld: Awakening,” “The Inbetweeners Movie,” which was set in Greece, and he also appeared as a Turkish diplomat in “Downton Abbey.” He’s set to star in the forthcoming “London Fields” and “Franny.”

“Divergent” hits theaters March 21.


  1. “Born Theodore Peter James Kenneth Taptiklis in England”

    Who changed his last name in shame because it is unpopular to be Greek in the UK. (also see George Michael… and modern British antihellene David Cameron who calls Skopians “Macedonians” while disgustingly pretending not to notice their identity change and irredentism)

  2. I am British and patriotic Greek. I love both. Cameron is an idiot.British people have no problem with Greeks and they are very supportive.

  3. Unfortunately our long time former friends the British have not been supportive. Had they been supportive they would have told of the Skopians for their behavior rather than trying to talk us out of ethnic existence to hide their shame for calling them “macedonians”. (including the antihellenic twits on both the British left and right)

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