The Real Greek Yogurt Hollywood Celebrities Love!

L-R: Jonathan Williams-Margaritakis and Antonis Karayannakis at “Go Greek” in Beverly Hills

While people are still deciding on the most authentic Greek yogurt available in the U.S., and who can actually claim that title, a small establishment in Beverly Hills, Calif. is quietly building a brand: Go Greek!

Avoiding the billion dollar war in American supermarkets between Chobani, Fage, Dannon and many others who are all trying to prove how Greek their yogurt is, Go Greek has been importing yogurt from Greece to their sole flagship store in Los Angeles because, as the website says, it “just comes out better this way.”

Jonathan Williams-Margaritakis, a first-generation Greek from Crete, alongside David and Tanja Subotic, came up with the concept for Go Greek about a year ago. The company lives by the idea that the Greek diet has become a recent area of study among nutritionists eager to understand the low mortality index of the Mediterranean. It’s also believed that Greek longevity is in a simple diet that fully utilizes the culture’s agricultural tradition, eating only what can be naturally and easily farmed. Unlike the way yogurts are made in the U.S., the Greek process removes most of the sugar and leaves the yogurt thick, creamy, and full of protein and probiotics.

Offering fresh and frozen Greek yogurt with toppings such as farm fresh produce, honey, grapes and sour cherries in addition to numerous superfoods like flaxseed, chia seeds, and more, Go Greek has been catering to local California residents, including celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Michelle Rodriguez and Lionel Richie.

“[Celebrities] just walk in; they like the product,” Margaritakis told Greek Reporter in an interview. “When they come in, I recognize the older ones and especially the big stars. The new ones, I don’t really know, so there are others [in the store] who recognize them.”

In addition to handling numerous events, this year Go Greek will be catering the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. With the success of Go Greek Yogurt, the company is now in the midst of working on expanding the brand by franchising to offer their product across locations in the U.S.

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