Los Angeles Greek Film Festival To Present Free Industry Roundtables


The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (June 4-8, 2014, Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood) has announced five free industry roundtables and programs which will be open to the public throughout the Festival! These events will offer expert advice from some of the Entertainment Industry’s key talent.

The following five programs are free and are open to the public:

Industry Roundtable – Feature Film Development: Speakers include San Francisco Film Society’s Athena Kalkopoulou, Kelly Tomas (VP of JuntoBox Films’ Incubator Initiative), Slamdance Festival Director Anna Germanidi, and Sundance International Director, Paul Federbush.

Industry Roundtable – TV/Web series: With professionals from the industry. Serial content production models are constantly changing, always exploring new media platforms as well as creating exciting content and viewing experiences.

Special Focus – Audience Engagement & Crowd Funding: A discussion on what makes a successful crowd funding film campaign and how to engage your audience through different platforms. Speakers: Joseph Beyer (Digital Initiatives, Director, Sundance Institute), Missy Laney (ArtistServices, Sundance Institute).

Case Study – Microbudget Filmmaking: Stelana Kliris introduces in this case study her film “Committed,” that will be presented at the Eighth Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. Kliris is a South African Cypriot writer/director with a background in editing and production on international films and commercial productions. “Committed” (2014) is her first feature film.

A Conversation with Casting Director Valorie Massalas: The festival will also present the seminar “A Conversation with Casting Director Valorie Massalas” (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “Gods and Monsters.”) The seminar is an open forum for actors, filmmakers, and those interested in the cinematic arts to discuss the process of casting selection in film and TV with the award-winning Casting Director on Sun, May 18, 2014

For dates and times of these special events please visit lagff.org