LA Demo Reels Screens Talent-Funded Films in Hollywood


LA Demo Reels, the leading talent-reel production house, and its Greek creative director Konstantinos Mousoulis, held their first public screening of selective works by the Hollywood-based company at the LA Film School on July 8. 

The screening included three short films produced by LA Demo Reels and directed by Konstantinos Mousoulis. The event opened with “The Red Sweater,” a dramedy telling the story of a girl presenting her new fiancee to her Jewish grandmother.

The other films of the screening were “Birthday Surprise,” a film noir short movie starring Christos Vassilopoulos and Tetty kalafati, and action short “Hunting my Blood.”

With clients across the United States, LA Demo Reels has established itself as the leader in production of various types of scenes for talent as well as custom-tailored short films.

 The company’s unique ability to produce short and inexpensive films for reels that look as an actual movie, has helped them gain popularity in the entertainment community. 

“LA Demo Reels put me on the map of the Film Industry in Hollywood. It’s solid work, created from talented professionals that have a lot to offer in the world of entertainment!,” says Christos Vassilopoulos, an actor starring in Banshee, Cinemax’s latest popular series.

Currently, LA Demo Reels is the only company that, apart from scenes, goes through the process of creating an actual short film for actors. They’re open to working with other professionals as well, and provide services for music videos and hosting reels. They have also done fight choreography for fighters that want to transition into film. Visit LA Demo Reels here. 

Watch the trailer of Red Sweater

Watch the Birthday Surprise: