Tom Hanks’ New Typewriter App ‘Hanx’ Booming on iTunes

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has hit a high note with his new iPad application, suitably titled Hanx Writer.

The free app launched Thursday on iTunes and has since hit no. 1, with close to 5-star reviews overall. How does it work? Well, it basically makes all the same familiar sounds as a typewriter — the tap of each key, the ding when you get to the end of a line — and only has a single font and color unless you purchase more features.

Hanks, a typewriter collector since the late ’70s, is obviously a pro when it comes to knowing the ins-and-outs of what is now considered an antique machine. During an Apple Q&A on Twitter via the handle @AppStore, his suggestion for use of the app was, “If you have writing to do, do it on a Hanxwriter. Maybe not a term paper or legal brief… .”

Surely the Oscar winner, producer and now successful app creator, is celebrating the news of Hanx Writer’s chart-topping performance as he vacations in Greece with his wife, Rita Wilson.