Dave Batista Takes Perhaps the Biggest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Dave Batista took on “Guardians of the Galaxy” co-star Chris Pratt‘s ALS ice bucket challenge, and he could very well have chosen the biggest ice bucket of them all.

The Greek-Filipino wrestler-turned-actor shared a message with fans as he sat in a bathtub, and expressed his admiration for baseball legend Lou Gehrig, who passed away from the disease. A few moments later, the camera zoomed out and revealed Batista was already sitting in a whole lot of ice water.

“I’ve been a professional wrestler since 2000, so ice is like a religion to me. No big deal, baby. Ice is what I do,” he said, before immersing himself in the freezing cold bathtub.

Batista then nominated “Guardians” director James Gunn and MMA/actress Gina Carano for the challenge, which has been garnering worldwide attention to help fight ALS.

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Don’t miss to watch our interview with Dave Batista below:


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