Greek Actress Wins Leading Award at International Film Festival

VickyDalliGreek actress Vicky Dalli won the Without a Box award for Best Actress at the Action on Film International Film Festival in California last month.

Dalli received recognition for her role as Bella in the dramatic short, “Burning Cigarettes.” The noir-style film was directed by J.D. Glasscock and also stars Adam Michael Gold.

Check out Dalli’s performance (please note, there is graphic sexual content):


“Burning Cigarettes” also won Best Produced Screenplay – Short, and was a runner-up for Best Guerilla Film – Short.

Dalli is both an actress and director known for “A Moment on the Lips,” “The Glory Hole,” and “The Red Sweater.” She can be seen in the upcoming films “Only Now Existing’s Escape Artist,” “Paranormal Activity Security Squad,” and the TV series “The Mysfits.”