Petition Hopes to Stop MTV’s ‘Growing Up Greek’


A petition boycotting the MTV reality show “Growing Up Greek” is hoping to get the attention of Greeks — and  the show’s producers — by campaigning to either have the show re-written or cancelled.

The online petition has already gathered 3,000 signatures, and taking into account the uproar on social media about the show, the number is growing fast.

“Growing Up Greek,” set to premiere Dec. 3 on MTV, is a half-hour special that follows young Greek residents of Tarpon Springs, Florida, which is known for its high Greek population.

The petition at change. org calls the show a “gross misrepresentation” of what it actually means to grow up Greek. It goes on to emphasize:

“What makes us Greek is PRIDE. Pride for our faith, family and each other. This show lessens us to look like Jersey Shore! We have worked hard to not have that stereotype. We are an ethnicity strong in family and Orthodoxy. This show is NOT who we are and we are embarrassed.”

The statement reflects what many Americans of Greek descent have already shared on their social media accounts, calling the show a new “Jersey Shore” but about Greeks instead of Italians.

In a sneak peek of the series, residents of the town can be seen breaking plates, dancing, and yelling “Opa!”  at a local restaurant. Fights break out, romances go awry and the cops are called to a party that gets out of hand. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comments.



  1. I didn’t think this is offensive I thought the big fat Greek wedding they had us lookin all borin an loud n crazy ugly cone on ppl it’s a show there’s nothin wrong with it I’d rather see tht then lookin all dull I love the cast you have my Signitures to keep it we need some Greek shows

  2. There’s a difference between Greek, Greek-American, and American of Greek descent (ethnically Greek). This isn’t a show about Greeks, just like Jersey Shore wasn’t a show about Italians. Both are shows about Americans with immigrant parents/grandparents. Unfortunately, showing the ones from the lower classes makes for better trash TV. “Growing up Greek-American” would at least have been a more accurate title.

  3. These are not Greeks. True Greeks would have too much pride and self respect to appear on a show designed to make a mockery of their heritage.

  4. The economic crisis in Greece is so deep right now, there is so much unemployment among young people, middleaged people are losing their jobs and shop owners lose what they created with hard work and very difficult efforts. The crisis is not 100% fault of our people but also the result of the greadiness of BANKS, INTERNATIONAL AND US AMERICAN AS WELL AS EUROPEAN BAD TACTICS AND MEASURES leading rich becoming richer and poor going straight to the grave. Instead of showing the ZORBA style of the greeks which has to do with the character and good morals of our people helping each other and hosting hopeless and desparate neighbours and parents and elderly people with great affection and respect the MTV could do something that would help society become better instead of ridiculing the greek americans who contributed so much , so much with great and serious labour to the american society with their customs , habits and strong family bonds. STOP THE SHOW .or REWRITE IT .

  5. This show is not going anywhere. No one has the right to misrepresent the Greek identity and the values on which it is founded.

  6. Whether the show is inaccurate or not does not matter as it is TOO LATE for the Greeks to ESCAPE TOTAL HUMILIATION and they deserve to be ridiculed in every way for the self-destruction of their own country. The only thing that Greeks are good for is betraying their own country again and again, being competitive and envious of the success of any other Greek and trying to achieve irrelevant moral victories. There is no other nation silly enough to hate itself. Americans, North Europeans and Jews (who care about their nations to the point of committing massacres when they must protect their countries) do not even consider Greeks as humans but only as a kind of monkey. And the way things are the Greeks will never be the same again and will not be able to find or be given the chance to regenerate as a nation the way they did it at other times of their history. So the Greeks should internalize all the deep humiliation that is waiting for them and accept everything that portrays them as stupid, lazy and low class, ridiculous etc because that is exactly what they are and they really did their best to win the title of the international clown. That is the role the have played for many years now, so there is no point in reacting now.

  7. Pull this off. First, Jersey Shore is accurate if you have ever been there: partying, tight shirts, etc. Unfortunately it didn’t help the Italian image. At least it was not called “Italian Shore” or “Growing Up Italian” which in name alone degrades ones culture by the display of over dramatization. And for you ignorant folk out there, reality tv is more scripted than you think.

    Growing up Greek implies that is how all Greeks grow up. Cancel the show or at least change the name with no Greek in the title. How about teaching good instead of negative to the youth of today. And it is sad that people really believe these stereotypes but I guess that says a lot about oneself.

    Pull this off. How can you be Greek, Italian, or any other culture and accept this? If you do, you aren’t truly Greek, Italian, etc. Ridiculous show just like Jersey Shore and every other stupid reality show is.

    And for those who think so negatively about Greeks or any other race…I’m sorry you are so jealous or bitter with yourself. Enjoy your negativity…suits you well I am sure. And for the record…read the Greek history and don’t knock Greeks. Statistics say Greeks are the #1 & #2 in education and wealth in the US after the Jews. And as for Greece and the economy. Guess what!!! We are actually way better off than Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc. So go ahead and believe media who may say we are worse off economically, this show who portrays stupid Greeks who want to be popular, or anything else.

    So, ask yourself…what ignorant comment do you want to leave on this board? Because you know it is if you reply in negativity or anger towards comments against this show or Greeks or anyone race. Cancel this show, rewrite it, or change the name.

  8. You, so called “lilly”..
    Reading your shameful comment, i didn’t know whether i should write something back or just ignore you as individuals from your “race” deserve. As i can see, you’re arrogant enough to speak on behalf of the entire US, all North Europe and Jews (?)! What a bless for you to represent approximately ,i don’t know, one third of the global population or more.. and what a burden on your shoulders too.. , you prickly lilly! Maybe that is the reason of your frustration , who knows! I presume that you’d never lay your foot in Greece and of course is something that you ‘d certainly wish to your most hateful enemies (lucky people) Well, i ‘ve got news for you.. we don’t want you or people like you either! Who would anyway.

    Well, i won’t talk politics in here , neither this site stands for that, nor the flat and corrupt to the core mind of your’s would afford it, but just to pick one ..if people are their governments, i don’t see why greeks are corrupted and disgraceful and americans are not wealthseeking killers, or north europeans colblooded [email protected]@@@ds, whose goal is to turn to their doormat every nation that comes in handy ! The answer is BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT! But, you see it’s rather an easy accusation this of political and social corruption especially when it comes from the powerful ones. Nations are just common people.. trusting their lives and future to politicians, some of them wisely most of them not so! No nation is what their politicians acts are, their tricky under the table games or their true goals. Politicians are their own casta.. and they are the same no matter the context or which country they serve. Don’t let yourself to be misled.

    I don’t know your backround, which of course i totally disregard even if it would give an extra dimension to your point of you, but what is more than obvious, is your potential place among hundrends of certain kind of groups all over the world. You ‘ll find an amazing range in which you can fit in and fulfill your life goal..hating ! Isn’t it wonderful???

    “… do not consider Greeks as humans but only as a kind of monkey” .. Honestly, by reading this was SO HARD to me to separate anger from sheer hate or just pity for you and your “hitlerish” way of thinking. Individuals who consider humans as NO HUMANS , comparing nations to animals and clowns… stating that THEY DESERVE A TOTAL HUMILIATION.. (REALLY???), are the ones who deserve whatever you’re reffering to ..Those with the least connection to human kind and belong waaaaay back … in dark ages of history!There is no LOWER CLASS mind than yours which is so gracefully unfolded in your comment! You hyper-whatever you.

    MY GOD i cannot believe why someone can talk like this .. and for an entire nation? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? It is clearly profound that you know NOTHING about Greece or our people and i don’t give a damn if you ‘ll ever find out and understand who we are.. in fact, i hope that you won’t. What i wan’t to ask you about is, keep yourself away from poluting other people’s minds with your inhuman, disgusting ideas ..keep your sick, rotten mind and your dark soul for you and you only! Keep your vomit away! Or be a politician.. i don’t know! You are a natural.
    Talking about stupidity, low class and ridiculous people ..”because that is exactly what they are …” The next time you ‘ll come out with that.. try it in front of your mirror! You’d be suprised..
    “…Greeks will never be the same again and won’t be able to find or be given the chance to regenerate as a nation the way they did it at other times of their history.”, can also go for palmistry or taro cards , crystal ball would be also suitable but, just in case it’ll come up with.. “some day you ‘ll become a humanitarian” ..DO NOT BUY IT! Don’t be so anxious about it.. As long as we have haters like you.. we’ll always find the way to overcome obstacles! And be sure about it!

    How proud of yourself you sould be.. Anyway , it’s your broblem.

    Well, CONGRATULATIONS madame/sir! You are so small! (Bow)
    Maybe some day YOU WILL understand… untill then, grab tight your diceiving bubble you call life …


    p.s.: As for your topic …this show is created by and suits “people” like your little lilly up there!
    I hope that my fury and my pretty bad temper after reading this … , did not make me write a delirium of anger, but except than no one said not even a word to this mocking [email protected]@@t , i’m really and TOTALLY TIRED SICK by hearing only lies and one rubbish after another about my Home, my People and my entire existence as a young person and part of this shaken, universal world!


    Thank you.