John Stamos Surprises Holiday Shoppers at JCPenney


Greek-American actor John Stamos took part in JCPenney’s #JustGotJingled campaign and surprised some of the store’s customers by covering the cost of their purchases.

Stamos snuck up behind several customers, disguised with a fake beard and reindeer cap, and the cashiers informed the customers that “Santa Claus [would be] taking care of their purchases today.”

JCPenney recruited celebrities like Stamos, Nikki Reed and Andy Cohen for their Just Got Jingled campaign. The celebrities were encouraged to perform random acts of kindness and then share them through social media in order to inspire others to “pay it forward” this Christmas and perform charitable actions of their own.

Stamos posted the following on his personal Twitter account: “Glad you liked #JustGotJingled I don’t like to publicize good deeds- but I hope it inspires. Please RT for me-  MERRY MERRY.”

Shoppers’ reactions ranged from confusion to joy and one woman even broke down in tears knowing that the gifts she bought for her friends and family would not break the bank this year. You can check out a video of Stamos disguising himself and then seeing shoppers’ reactions to the #JustGotJingled campaign.


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