Greek Film ‘Dinner For Few’ Screening in LA


NuArt Theatre is screening “Dinner For Few” from January 9 to 11, a short animated film by Nassos Vakalis that brings the Greek crisis to life. The showings are qualification screenings for the 2016 Academy Awards, so there will be paid admission for two screenings daily, one at 11:40 AM and one at 12:00 PM.

Vakalis, an Emmy-winning Greek-American animator for DreamWorks Studios, will be present at all screenings of his film.

“Dinner For Few” is a film with no dialogue, intended as a “sociopolitical metaphor of the world,” according to Vakalis. GreekReporter had previously conducted an interview with Vakalis, in which he explained the inspiration for his film and the connection between an animated film depicting animals at a table and the current Greek socioeconomic and political situation.

According to the director, the inspiration came from a phone conversation with a friend, in which they “compared the people [suffering in Greece] with the cats at the taverna, wondering when they will stop asking for scraps and start jumping on the table to claim whatever is left and eat it.”

Full event details for the film screenings can be found on the “Dinner For Few” Facebook page.


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