Watch Jason Mantzoukas in ‘Community’ Season 6


After being cancelled and losing it’s Thursday timeslot on NBC, “Community” is back with a bang on Yahoo!’s streaming service along with cast member Jason Mantzoukas.

Fans were worried about the direction the show would take, especially after “Community” lost some key cast members like Yvette Nicole Brown.

However, most of the main cast stayed on, including stars Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi and Ken Jeong. The addition of actor Keith David, as well as the increasing prominence and jokes thrown the way of existing cast members such as Mantzoukas, excited fans.

The “Community” season 6 trailer hit the Internet today and showcased plenty of hilarious gags, including the Greek comedian flipping out on a student.

The resurrection of a beloved fan favorite show on Yahoo! Stream is also an interesting development in the continued competition among TV and online streaming services. It shows one more way that streaming services are responding to fans and audiences by giving them what they want, and are perhaps more in touch with audience demands than traditional television.

Watch the trailer and tune in to watch the online two-episode premiere of “Community” on Yahoo! Stream on March 17. A new episode will be released every Tuesday.