Viewers Want Tina Fey to Host ‘The Daily Show’


The latest poll shows that US viewers want Greek-American comedienne Tina Fey to become the new host of “The Daily Show”!

Jon Stewart has announced his departure from the hit Comedy Central news parody series, and rumors about replacements have been circulating for a while.

Quinnipiac University conducted a national poll with several options for a new “Daily Show” host, including Dennis Miller, John Oliver, Chelsea Handler and Craig Ferguson. Fey won the top spot with 19%.

Among female viewers, a whopping 23% were in favor of seeing the Greek-American actress on the show.

Fey has performed a similar job in the past, as she was one of the anchors on “Saturday Night Live”‘s Weekend Update segment for years, a parody news segment somewhat similar to the “Daily Show.”

Fey has not commented on the poll and it remains to be seen if she even has the time to take over Stewart’s duties. Fey is currently executive producing the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” series on Netflix, a show she co-created for the subscription service. The show is well into its first season and has been very well received so far by viewers.

We will update with any statements Fey makes on the subject, and for now, keep hoping she at least considers this position!


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