Electra Barakos Rocks on “The Voice of Greece”


Electra Barakos, both a solo singer and the lead singer of her band ELECTRA, has just passed the first round of blind auditions on “The Voice of Greece”.

The talent show is a singing content judged by famous Greek singers like Despina Vandi, Melina Aslanidou,  Antonis Remos, and Michalis Kouinelis (part of hip hop group Stavento).  Singers audition to take part in the show, while the judges have their backs turned in order to judge the singer on vocal merit alone, rather than appearance or other factors.

Barakos was one of only 120 people chosen to take part in the blind auditions out of over 5000 submissions.  She passed on to the next round thanks to her rocking performance of Pink’s “So What” and a vote of confidence from Aslanidou!

Barakos grew up in Greece, where she was inspired to start piano at age 8 because of her family’s musical talents – her dad is a bass player and her grandmother is a pianist – and then proceeded to attend a performing arts high school to further her music education.

After graduation, Electra headed out to California State University of Northridge to earn her Bachelors Degree in Music and Classical Vocal Performance, and ever since then, she has been collaborating with guitarist and songwriter Hyland Church to create and perform her own songs.

So far, her band ELECTRA has 2 EPs out, and has performed in plenty of prestigious venues in Los Angeles, including the Sunset Strip Music Festival.  ELECTRA has also opened for Berlin, Missing Persons, and Great White.

Keep following Electra Barakos through this season of “The Voice of Greece”, and check out her upcoming album “These Times”, especially her singles “Tomorrow’s Not There” and “These Times”.  Watch her “The Voice of Greece” performance below:


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