Homeric Pictures’ New Storytelling Approach Wins at IndieFEST

Red Sweater Poster

Homeric Pictures, the brainchild of Greek director/producer Konstantinos Mousoulis and producer Marina Dimitra Yele, recently won a prestigious IndieFEST Award for its film “The Red Sweater.”

“The Red Sweater” is an example of Homeric Pictures‘ revolutionary approach to production, promotion and collaboration with actors.

This rapidly rising film company begun its work by helping emerging artists promote themselves in several ways, through its subsidiary LA Demo Reels. Now, they have expanded their reach in order to create stories for anyone who wishes to explore the creative world of filmmaking.

Homeric Pictures allows anyone to produce an idea or a true story from their own lives. The clients work closely with company filmmakers to come up with a concept, after which they produce a high-quality professional short film. After the film is done, they submit it into festivals across the country.

Their recent work, “The Red Sweater,” was also based on a true story. Lead actress Lexi Brandt worked closely with Mousoulis and Asimakis Pagidas (the script writer) to create a short story based on her unique relationship with her great aunt, who is also an actress.

The story blends funny and dramatic moments, as it follows the story of a young, crazy in love Jewish girl (played by Brandt), whose relationship with her beloved grandmother is put to the test as the young girl’s engagement is not what her grandmother had hoped for.

Now, “The Red Sweater” has won two IndieFEST Film awards; one for its leading actress (Florrie Shaen as Grandma), and one for its handling of Jewish issues.

In addition to IndieFEST, Homeric Pictures’ projects have been accepted into festivals worldwide. One of their previous works, “Birthday Surprise,” produced for Tety Kalafati, was included in the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, the New Filmmakers New York, the Long Beach International Film Festival and the 4th Athens Digital Short Film Festival.

Homeric Pictures’ work on films such as “The Red Sweater” is important beyond awards and festivals. Mousoulis’ company is revolutionizing everyday people’s access to filmmaking, making the process more collaborative and giving some creative control to clients with stories to tell.

Recently, the production company created a second base in New York and is currently developing three short films based on true stories of successful everyday professionals.

For anyone wishing to see their ideas or their own true stories come to life, even though they may not know much about film production, Homeric Pictures could offer a great opportunity to get their stories out there in the film world.