Liam Neeson: Give Stolen Parthenon Marbles Back to Greece

Liam Neeson

Irish actor and action star Liam Neeson called on the UK to give the stolen Parthenon marbles back to Greece.

He joins legions of fellow actors and celebrities, such as George Clooney, Bill Murray and Steven Fry, who support the return of the Parthenon marbles back to their homeland.

Originally stolen from Athens by Lord Elgin, British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, the marbles are now housed in the British Museum. They have been a source of conflict between Greece and the UK for decades.

Liam Neeson expressed his very strong viewpoint on the subject to a reporter from the Greek Star Channel while he was being interviewed about his new movie “Run All Night”. Neeson even went so far as to call the UK’s capture and possession of the marbles “theft”.

“The British must return them, full stop. Give them back from where they were stolen. I am absolute. They must be returned.”

Hopefully the support and attention from Hollywood A-listers and other international celebrities will help raise even more awareness of the issues surrounding the Parthenon marbles. The ideal end goal is to gather more momentum for the movement in order to restore the marbles to Athens and house them in the Acropolis Museum.


  1. why not authorise the UK sell them to the TROIKA in part payment of what is owed by Greece?

  2. Before Liam Neeson played Zeus in Wrath of the Titans, he narrated The Greeks – Crucible of Civilization. Fantastic documentary worth watching. Perhaps his understanding of history is why he supports the cause. As people become more aware of how the Parthenon Marbles were removed while Greece was under occupation by the Ottoman Turks, the more they will support the idea why it is important that these sculptures be reunited in one museum displayed at the foot of the Athenian Acropolis. The British Museum can benefit from an agreement with the Acropolis Museum as well as other museums in Greece to have special access to artifacts in return for this deal so in this way people in London can view Greek artifacts at the British Museum but not necessarily possess them in the collection.

  3. I think you should read some history….. about the thief Elgin…. because Greeks did not borrow them….

  4. The marbles belong to the people who are coming from the origin place.
    Respect the History .


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