Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Challenged to DFK Dance Dare


Actor Peter Scolari from TV’s “Girls” and “Gotham” has challenged Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson to “dance for kindness” by taking the DFK Dance Dare.

What is the DFK Dare?

The dare was recently started by Orly Wahba, the founder of Life Vest Inside, and challenges people to “show the world how kindness moves them with a few seconds of inspired dance.”

Wahba is trying to make The Dance Dare the new ALS ice-bucket challenge, the viral craze that raised money for charity and took off when celebrities started daring each other to dump buckets of ice-cold water over themselves.

Life Vest Inside’s mission statement is “to empower and unite the world with kindness” through the power of media, and make people realize their potential to affect positive change in today’s world.

Scolari challenged friends Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson to “dance for kindness” in order to kickstart the Dance Dare campaign, which will culminate in a Dance for Kindness Day on November 8 of this year, a day that will be celebrated in over 30 countries.

If you want to take the dare yourself while waiting to see if Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson climb on board, check out and upload a video of yourself dancing; you will have a chance to be featured on the site, social media, and the Times Square billboard on November 8th where the central Dance for Kindness Day event will take place, hosted by Peter Scolari.


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