Jason Mantzoukas Writes ‘Battling Boy’ Adaptation


Greek-American writer and actor Jason Mantzoukas was just hired to write the movie adaptation of the “Battling Boy” graphic novel.

“Battling Boy” has a strong cult following and focuses on the fictional city of Acropolis, where monsters roam the streets and occasionally drag children into the underworld.

Two young protagonists make an entrance into this dark world; one is a 12 year old demigod, and the other the daughter of a hero who died in battle. The graphic novel follows them as they attempt to save the city.

The story’s success among the novel’s audience led Hollywood to jump on the chance to adapt it into a movie. It will most likely be released as a live-action/animation hybrid.

The busy and hard-working Mantzoukas has previously written episodes of “The League”, “Childrens Hospital”, and the feature film “Ride Along”, in addition to his acting credits on popular shows “Parks and Recreation”, “Comedy Bang! Bang!”, and “Kroll Show”. Also, he co-hosts a podcasts “How Did This Get Made?”.


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