Exclusive: Paul Sorvino Says There’s No Racism In Hollywood (Video)

The legendary actor who portrayed the iconic role of mobster Paul Cicero in “GoodFellas,” Paul Sorvino, says that throughout his lifelong Hollywood career he has witnessed little to no racism.

“I think this is random, I don’t think that there was any plot to exclude any race,” says the actor on the #OscarsSoWhite movement.

“We have to see things from every point of view as movie and theatrical artists,” he says, “so our industry is the least racist of all.”

I understand how black folks feel, and maybe I would feel the same way if I were in their position,” says Sorvino, “although it would not be right to legislate how people should vote on artistic matters.”

The Oscars So White controversy emerged after The Academy announced the Oscar 2016 nominees that included very few African-Americans and none in the best actor or actress categories. Many black Hollywood A-listers decided to boycott the Oscars as a response to The Academy’s “lack of diversity.”