Tommy Lee Opens Up About Motley Crue’s Farewell Tour


Music fans probably already know that Motley Crue finished their farewell tour with a huge final New Year’s Eve concert.

However, things apparently didn’t end well between most of the band’s members.

Tommy Lee recently opened up about the tensions and distance between the Motley Crue musicians towards the end of their career. According to his interview for “Billboard”, Lee said “after the final night, we had a big party backstage on New Year’s Eve, and I never saw the other guys. We never even said ‘goodbye,’”.

For a band that’s spent decades together on stage and in the studio making music, that’s a strange way to end things. Officially, Motley Crue has not broken up, but Lee made it clear that there will be no new music in the making.

Though Tommy Lee remains close to guitarist Mick Mars, he has not even spoken to frontman Vince Neil or bassist Nikki Sixx since that last concert.

According to Lee, part of the reason for the end of the band’s career is that they weren’t making any new or different music, but rather playing to their same old fanbase. In his mind, “there was nowhere to go, really, except to stop.”

More of the events leading up to Motley Crue’s farewell tour, including exclusive footage and interviews, will be revealed in the concert movie “Motley Crue: The End”, which will premiere in theaters on June 14


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