Hank Azaria Gives Tufts Graduates ‘Simpsons’ Speech

Film and TV actor Hank Azaria, best known for his voice work on long-running show “The Simpsons”, returned to his alma mater – Tufts University – to give the commencement address to the graduating class of 2016.

After giving students guidance and advice in his address, he ended things on a comedic note – Azaria decided to perform the last five minutes of his speech in his various voices from “The Simpsons”, giving the college students some humorous tips.

One example includes the all important life lesson, “If a cop even thinks you’re going to throw up in their backseat they will immediately let you go”, delivered in the voice of Chief Wiggum. You can watch the whole “Simpsons” section of Azaria’s speech in the clip above.

Though many people don’t know of the actor’s Greek heritage, all of Hank Azaria’s grandparents were born and raised in Thessaloniki.  These days, you can follow Azaria’s work on FOX’s “Bordertown”.


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