Billy Zane Wows Critics in New Drama ‘Guilt’


Those looking for a great summer TV show to follow along might want to check out “Guilt”, starring Billy Zane and Daisy Head, which premiered on Freeform on Monday, June 13.

The story is loosely centered on the sensational case of Amanda Knox, an American student who spent four years in an Italian jail after being accused of the murder of her roommate.

Daisy Head plays Grace, an American student studying in London whose Irish roommate is savagely murdered. The authorities are quick to accuse and arrest Grace of the murder, and Billy Zane steps in as her slightly sketchy yet very smart lawyer to defend her.

Zane spoke about his character, and how much he absolutely loves to play him. He describes his character as “theatrical, but very well-suited for the job. An acerbic wit, two-steps ahead, a fixer, very good at what he does, enjoys what he does.”

Meanwhile, critics love Zane’s character even more than Zane loves to play him. USA Today and E! Online call Zane’s character one of the 5 reasons to tune into the show, while TV Guide said “2016 is the year of the Zanaissance”.

Tune in to Freeform every Monday at 9 PM to watch “Guilt”.