Debbie Matenopoulos to Co-Host ‘Home and Family’


Host and presenter Debbie Matenopoulos will be replacing longtime co-host of Hallmark’s “Home & Family” talk show, Cristina Ferrare.

Matenopoulos will be joining Ferrare’s previous co-host Mark Steines on the show. Debbie is already a regular contributor to the show and part of the “Home & Family” group, so the transition should be a relatively easy one for her with her insider knowledge and experience.

According to the Hallmark channel’s press release, the show and channel’s directors believe Matenopoulos will be a great fit for her position. In their statement, they said that “Debbie has quickly become an audience favorite among our family of multi-talented lifestyle experts and we look forward to Debbie’s continued unique and exciting contributions going forward.”

The lifestyle show became very popular among viewers since Ferrare and Steines teamed up to host in in 2012, so we hope that the show’s popularity continues with Debbie as a co-host.


  1. You’ve got to be kidding!!!!!! Maybe we’re watching a different show! Let me guess you’re younger than 50!

  2. That comment must have been posted by the producers. Cristina was the heart of that show…not worth watching anymore. They should have kept Debbie in her niche, she is too forced and phony as a co-host. If they wanted to shake things up, they could have replaced Mark.