Alexander Payne Working on Family Pot Comedy For TV


Alexander Payne is one of several directors to recently jump on the push in the US for marijuana legalization and use it as fodder for a new TV series.

Currently, the Academy Award-winning director is developing a series for A&E which is based on a Dutch television show called “Holland’s Hoops”. In the original show, a family patriarch inherits his father’s secret pot-farming business and has to find a way to make it work with his dysfunctional family.

The troubled main character in Payne’s show comes to the realization that his family has grown apart from him, as his wife cheats on him and his kids don’t respect him. In a way, the pot farm forces the family to unify in order to keep things running.

Payne is working with other former collaborators such as “Sideways” writer Jim Taylor and “The Descendants” producer Jim Burke.


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