Tom Hanks Helps Launch Hidden Heroes Campaign


Tom Hanks is using his fame to try to help the military caregivers that often go unthanked and unnoticed; he just helped launch a Hidden Heroes campaign with the help of several army wives, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, and Comcast NBC Universal.

Hanks appeared on “The Today Show” to talk about the foundation along with army wife Jessica Allen, and he spoke about why supporting the underappreciated people who take care of injured military members is so important.

The A-List actor told Matt Lauer, “I’ve covered some of this turf in my fake life as an actor who puts on other people’s clothes, and the emotional impact of a number of those jobs, it’s never left. It comes down to a chance to serve and I think help out in a very pragmatic and understandable way.”

So what will the foundation do?

First and foremost, military caregivers can connect, find support programs, and take advantage of education programs to help them with their aide-giving. They will also have access to free financial advice.

If you want to find a way to help a Hidden Hero in your area or donate to the campaign, check out the Hidden Heroes website.


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