John Stamos Cheers Up Hospital Patient With Call to Ex


John Stamos made his annual visit to Long Beach Memorial Hospital with “Grandfathered” co-star Josh Peck during the holidays, and decided to cheer up one of the young patients with a little prank.

The 53-year old actor met a hospital patient named Amanda who opened up about her recent break-up with her boyfriend.

In order to cheer her up, Stamos called her ex-boyfriend Jorge and left a voicemail, jokingly saying “I’m with Amanda, my new girlfriend. Apparently you guys broke up and I swooped right in. So, your loss, Jorge, because Amanda is a great gal.”

During the call, the girl’s ex called back to Stamos ended up speaking to him directly about how he “made a big mistake” letting go of his girlfriend.

Of course, the good-natured star couldn’t resist ending the call on a nice note, so he finished up with a jovial “but it’s nice to meet you, pal”.


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