Tina Fey’s High School Self Appears in Super Bowl Ad


When you watch the Super Bowl, you might be surprised to see a very young Tina Fey appear in one of the many ads premiering during the sporting event.

The ad is for the new Honda CR-V, and features the high school yearbook photos of various celebrities including Fey, Steve Carrell, Magic Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel, Missy Elliott, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, and others, animated in order to speak and give advice (using the stars’ real-life present voices) to viewers.

Fey starts off the ad by staying “When you start out you might not know where you’re going, or what you’re doing, or why you’re carrying this red rose with you” – referring to a rose she is seen holding in her yearbook photo.

The ad is meant to encourage the audience to follow their dreams despite failure and keep moving forward. Check out the full ad from the 51st Super Bowl in the Youtube clip above.


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