Oliver Stone on Trump, Environment, and Why He Didn’t Film ‘Alexander’ in Greece

Speaking from the Global Green pre-Oscar Gala in Hollywood, Oliver Stone opened up about the environment, the Trump administration and explained why Greece cannot attract even the Hollywood productions with Greek themes to film there, like “Alexander.”

“I love Greece,” said the filmmaker, but at the same time he pointed out how other countries with similar landscapes have managed to become attractive to Hollywood with tax returns and good structure. Unfortunately Greece has made no progress on the matter besides countless promises from all the recent administrations.

Watch our interview:


  1. The Greek Government needs to cut out the “red tape”…….film makers have to “jump through too many hoops”. And no wonder that “Greece” scenes for movies are being filmed in places like Malta, New Zealand, etc.

    You would think, that the “free advertising” that Greece gets from a film, that they would have a different attitude.