John Stamos Helps Man Propose to His Girlfriend

John Stamos, who has a stellar reputation in Hollywood for being extra attentive and responsive to fans, went so far as to help Doug Cox propose to his number-one-Stamos-fan girlfriend, Katrina Firenze.

Firenze has been a huge fan of John Stamos since the “Full House” days; she even has a framed picture of a young Stamos on her wall. So when Cox decided he wanted to do something special to propose to her, he enlisted the help of John Stamos.

Being the kind of man he is, Stamos of course graciously accepted and decided to help Doug out. Katrina’s reaction of excitement, surprise, and delight in the video Doug made of the proposal above is definitely worth it!

She happily and enthusiastically accepted the proposal, and Doug’s video has since gotten over 30,000 views.

Watch the full video of Cox’s proposal and his girlfriend’s (now fiancee’s) reaction above.


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