Jason Mantzoukas Stars in ‘The Long Dumb Road’

Jason Mantzoukas The House

Greek-American actor and comedian Jason Mantzoukas will be starring along with Tony Revolori (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”) in a new independent buddy comedy called “The Long Dumb Road”.

The movie will be directed by Hannah Fidell, who recently helmed “6 Years”, a movie centering on dysfunctional young love. Fidell is usually interested in close studies of characters and relationships in her films, and “The Long Dumb Road” seems to follow in this pattern.

In the film, Mantzoukas and Revolori are two men without much in common, but who are both at a crossroads in their own lives. As the synopsis states, the two “meet serendipitously and take an unpredictable journey through the American Southwest”, which ends up changing their lives.

“The Long Dumb Road” just started filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Release dates and theaters are still uncertain, but we will stay tuned to see how the film progresses, as director Fidell’s projects always make a splash in the indie wo


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