Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Sell Pacific Palisades Homes for $17.5 Million

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have sold two adjacent homes they had purchased in 2003 and 2007 in Pacific Palisades, for the incredibly large sum of $17.5 million.

Pacific Palisades are one of the richest suburbs of Los Angeles, located close to the coast and featuring many large residential homes.

The Hollywood power couple had used the houses for years, one an English country style mansion with seven bedrooms, and the other a smaller, Spanish Revival villa adjacent to the first.

Together, the properties take up just over an acre and feature some stunning views of the canyon and mountains. Not much is known about who purchased the homes.

Selling the houses shouldn’t prove to be too much of a problem for Wilson and Hanks, as they own at least five other multi-million dollar residences in the same area, and an oceanfront home in Malibu.

You can currently catch Tom Hanks in movie theaters everywhere with Emma Watson in “The Circle.


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