Jennifer Aniston Pranks Husband Justin Theroux With Jimmy Kimmel

Jennifer Aniston teamed up with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel to prank her devoted husband, Justin Theroux.

Kimmel had Theroux as a guest on his show, and revealed that he is a huge fan of Theroux’s show “The Leftovers”, which is critically acclaimed and yet has been mostly unrecognized by award shows.

In order to get the awards voters’ attention, Kimmel teamed up with Aniston to take the keys to Theroux’s car while he was out of town, and the “pimped” the vehicle by covering it in campaign slogans like “For Your Theroux Consideration”, along with plenty of stills from the show.

The hood was adorned with a shirtless shot of the actor featuring the quote “I’d Eat These Leftovers” across it.

Theroux seemed pretty amused by the prank, especially as he then uploaded a picture of him standing in front of his “redecorated” car on Instagram:

Justin Theroux Instagram
Photo from @justintheroux Instagram

Tune in to “The Leftovers” series on HBO to see Theroux in action.