Mary Katrantzou Makes a Splash at London Fashion Week

Mary Katrantzou’s spring/summer 2018 collection impressed fashionistas and critics alike at  the internationally renowned London Fashion Week.

Katrantzou’s feminine, elegant collection was handpicked by Vogue as one of the ten best collections of the entire show.

In recent years, London-based designer Mary Katrantzou has seen her profile rising fast thanks to her beautifully made dresses being worn at major events and on red carpets by high-profile figures including Melania Trump, Kerry Washington, and Jessica Alba.

Her newest collection from London Fashion Week is sure to find its way on some A-list celebrities as well, as according to one Vogue reviewer, Sarah Mower, “the big, extravagant dresses which Katrantzou is so good at when she lets rip with her embellishment are bound to be seen much sooner: They’re celebrity red carpet catnip.”



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