Anthony Skordi in New ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Video Game

Anthony Skordi

The “Star Wars Battlefront II” game was recently released on November 17, after the long-awaited anticipation “Star Wars” fans had for the video game sequel.

Anthony Skordi, a well-known TV and video game actor – you may have seen him “Shooter” and “The Blacklist”, or heard his voice in “Skyrim” and “Mass Effect 3” – plays the main role of Admiral Garrick Versio in the new game.

“Star Wars Battlefront II” was released by Electronic Arts, one of the premier video game publishing companies in the world, and currently has a rating of 6/10 on GameSpot.

Other actors in the game including Daisy Ridley, who currently plays Rey in J.J. Abrams’ new “Star Wars” series, and Billy Dee Williams, who was cast in “Star Wars” Episodes IV and V.



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