Hollywood Bigwigs Give Thumbs Up for Black Greek Warrior Achilles (video)

Some of Hollywood’s biggest directors and actors defended the controversial new Troy series where the mythological Greek warrior Achilles is played by black actor David Gyasi.

Speaking exclusively to Greek Reporter from the red carpet of the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, some of Hollywood’s best talent defended the right of Netflix and BBC producers to artistic freedom.

Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer of Netflix said that it’s a fantastic series that gives “a different twist that has never been done before.”

“Christ has been played by many different people…When I started it was still OK for a white actor to play Othello…Things have now changed,” said Golden Globe winner Gary Oldman.

Film composer Alexandre Desplat who won a Globe for best score defended the series by saying that Achilles is a mythical figure. “We don’t know how he looked like…We don’t know even if his creator Homer ever really existed.”

Best Director winner Guillermo del Torro brushed aside concerns saying that “If you want to read, read, if you want to watch, watch.”

In the Troy: Fall of a City, is an eight-part series that chronicles the Greek siege of the city of Troy. It will be screened in 2018.

Social media users have expressed their anger at the series in which, apart from Achilles, other Greek mythological figures such as Patroclus and Zeus are being played by black actors.



  1. Well you know, if you was in his shoes with a career in Hollywood and lives in a country with political correctness, what you expect him to say? It would be career suicide for him to say what he really thinks . Its like working in a company and knowing about something wrong that the company is doing ,snitching can mean losing your job.

  2. Nope will not watch or support anything that those involved do from now on… My money my opinion.

  3. I am for complete equality. But this takes history and distorts it. It would be like a blonde, blue-eyed Swede portraying Bruce Lee. Would a white person be used to portray a black slave in the US south? Or a Chinese person to portray Nelson Mandela? An Inuit to portray David Ben Gourion?

  4. Maybe they should make a movie about Shaka Zulu or Malcolm X and have a white actor play the part, see what reaction you get. I’m sure it will be all positive. Lol… Hollywood are all left wing idiots!

  5. As long as they don’t claim historical accuracy or faithfulness to sources, then fine.
    Just please don’t go around saying that we don’t know if Achilles would have been white because he’s always been described as being from Thessaly, Greece and portrayed as white.
    Also I wouldn’t trust Gary Oldman ,as he is close to getting an Oscar and desperate to have people forget his own statements that were far more bigoted than pointing out that Achilles and his parents have always been portrayed and described as whites since the Iliad.

  6. Watching Troy Fall: The Podcast thoughtfully explores the myriad challenges in bringing this epic to television. Listen @ watchingtroyfall.com

  7. This is what can be expected from an industry ruled by pedophiles, corruption, racist and rapists
    destroying our history