Michael Chiklis Cast in New TV Drama ‘Murder’

Michael Chiklis has been cast as the lead of a new CBS pilot titled “Murder”.

The investigative drama will be shot like a true-crime documentary, and revolves around the different perspectives of the people involved in a murder investigation. This includes not only detectives and killers, but also victims, witnesses, friends, and family.

“Murder” focuses on the investigations of Detectives Mason Garrity (Michael Chiklis) and Ayana Lake (Teyonah Parris). Chiklis, who previously won great acclaim for his portrayal of a detective on “The Shield”, will be playing a different kind of detective from his corrupt “Shield” character this time around.

Detective Garrity is an experienced NYPD detective with incredible instincts that have helped him build an excellent career. However, rookie detective Lake comes on the scene and starts challenging his way of doing things.

The new series is produced by Lin Pictures and Warner Bros. TV.

Chiklis was most recently on popular TV show “Gotham”, and will also be playing a part in the upcoming AIDS drama film, “1985”.


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