2018 Oscar Giveaway Bags Include Luxury Trips to Greece!

The goodie bags given at the Oscars are always filled with expensive, incredible, and over the top gifts for attendees. However, for the 2018 Oscars the sponsors have outdone themselves, handing out unbelievable luxury items including deluxe trips to Greece!

LA-based Distinctive Assets puts together the giveaway bags for the Academy Awards. This year, they say their bags are valued at up to $100,000 each.

The bags include celebrity trainer sessions, diamond necklaces, gold facials, rejuvenating dental procedures, and vacations to Greece, Hawaii, and Tanzania.

There will also be more affordable, locally-loved products included California oranges and Mexican sodas.

However, the Academy does not fully support the giveaway bags, and actually sued Distinctive Assets for using “Oscars” in their promotional materials for their bags. The bags aren’t just about the glitz and glamour though; some include charity prizes such as $10,000 to be handed out to the animal shelter of each celebrity’s choice.

We’re sure some of the many, many A-list celebrities who can’t get enough of Greece in the video above will be taking advantage of their free luxurious Greek getaway after the 2018 Oscars this year.

Tune in to our live blog coverage of the Academy Awards on March 4 to see who shows up at the red carpet, and who goes home with a gold statue at the end of the night!