Ralph Macchio Resurrects Old Rivalry for ‘Karate Kid’ Sequel

Ralph Macchio, who became famous as the original “Karate Kid”, will be returning for the sequel: “Cobra Kai”.

Macchio, who is part Greek from his father’s side, made a splash in 1984 when the original movie came out in the role of Daniel LaRusso. Along with his on-screen rival from the original movie, Johnny Lawrence (played by Billy Zabka then and now), he is returning for the movie’s sequel on YouTube Red.

“Cobra Kai” picks up with the original “Karate Kid” characters all grown up. Lawrence is now a trainer for a group of outcasts, as he has re-opened the Cobra Kai dojo. However, LaRusso disagrees with Lawrence’s methods, which involve beating up a bunch of teenagers while teaching self-defense.

The two end up facing off again, 34 years after their original fight.

“Cobra Kai” will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24th, and will then be available on YouTube Red.