Greek Produced and Directed ‘The Capture’ Enters Film Festivals Worldwide

The Capture Filio Biniarou James Agnew

Greek actress Filio Biniarou and Greek-American writer/director James Agnew co-produced the film “The Capture”, which was just picked up by the Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival for its 2018 line-up.

“The Capture” has already secured US distribution for 2018, after winning Best Feature Film of last year’s Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival. In addition to producing, Agnew was also the director on the project, and co-wrote the script with Sean Keller.

Starring Nora-Jane Noone, Jonathan Howard, and Amanda Wyss, “The Capture” focuses on a group of scientists that perform an unethical experiment bending both time and space. This leads to a ripple effect that alters not only their lives but possibly the very fabric of the universe.

Writer and director James Agnew has previously written “Game of Death” and “Rage” with Nicholas Cage. Filio Biniarou most recently appeared in “Armenia, My Love…” and the TV movie “Inbetween”.

Filio Biniarou
Actress and Producer Filio Biniarou

After making a splash in these international film festivals, we can’t wait to see “The Capture” in US theaters and streaming platforms soon.