George Pelecanos Joins New Series ‘A Dry Run’ As Writer

George Pelecanos will be teaming up once again with his former colleague on “The Wire”, David Simon, to work as a writer on new show “A Dry Run”.

The drama, created by David Simon and Spain’s “MediaPro” (responsible for “The Young Pope”), follows members of the Abraham Lincoln and George Washington Battalions who went to Spain to fight fascism during the Spanish Civil War. It takes place in the years 1937-1939.

Though the show is still in the early stages of development, the scripts have been outlined, and “The Wire” writers Pelecanos and Dennis Lehane are both on board. At this point, the creators are planning to make the show as a six-hour miniseries.

Creator David Simon believes the plot of “A Dry Run” is still relevant today. As he told “Variety”, the “Spanish struggle against fascism and the misuse of capitalism as a bulwark to totalitarianism [represents] the preeminent political narrative of the 20th century and of our time still.”

In the meantime, Pelecanos’ series “The Deuce” has been renewed by HBO for a second season, so you can look forward to more of his writing there.