Tina Fey Joins Petition for WGA Union Contract

Tina Fey WGA Awards

Tina Fey, who has long been an outspoken advocate for better wages and conditions in the entertainment industry, has joined a petition on behalf of the Writers’ Guild of America for a  new unionization contract.

The contract is directed to the popular publications “Slate” and “Thrillist”, and urges them to provide livable salary minimums, fair raises, and quality benefits, amongst other union benefits, to their employees.

Over 300 people have signed the petition, including host Samantha Bee. Fey, who often uses her powerful voice for various political and industry issues, was very public about her support of the WGA contract.

The petition states, “there is a long history of unionization across American media and entertainment industries because creative professionals deserve a seat at the table to negotiate just working conditions, livable salary minimums, fair raises, quality benefits and union security. We therefore call on Slate and Thrillist management to settle these contracts without further delay.”

The two major publications chose to unionize relatively recently, but have not yet settled on full union benefits for their employees. “Slate” unionized in January of 2018, while “Thrillist” unionized in 2017.