Tom Hanks Delights Girl with Leukemia with Postcard from Greece

Tom Hanks helped a 12-year-old girl’s birthday wishes come true after he sent her a personalized postcard from Greece.

Aspen Kelly, who has been battling leukemia since November, asked for postcards from around the world for her 13th birthday — which is on Sept. 1.

Aspen asked her mom to ask people on Facebook to send her postcards so she could “see the world” without having to leave the house.

Hanks sent the 12-year-old girl a handwritten postcard from the Greek island of Antiparos.

Aspen’s mother took to Facebook to share the postcard. “This postcard is too awesome not to share, and I’m totally geeking-out right now! But Tom Hanks took the time to send Aspen a postcard from Greece!” she wrote.

She continued: “Wasn’t sure it was really him, but we compared his writing to a letter a fan got online and his picture. And he’s in Greece right now. How cool is that?!? Thank you so much Tom Hanks for taking the time to send Aspen a postcard!”