Jason Mantzoukas Stars in Movie ‘The Long Dumb Road’

Jason Mantzoukas The House

Known for his entertaining, over-the-top comedic characters, Jason Mantzoukas is starring in the lead role in the new movie, “The Long Dumb Road”.

Mantzoukas has become a favorite comedic presence with audiences thanks to his hilarious supporting characters in television shows like “The League”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, and “The Good Place”, but he hasn’t received many opportunities for leading roles — until now.

“The Long Dumb Road” follows an unlikely duo on a road trip from Austin, Texas, to Los Angeles.

When 19-year-old Nat (played by Tony Revolori)’s car breaks down on his way to art school in LA, he makes a deal with local Texas mechanic Richard (Mantzoukas), who has just quit his job on the same day. Nat agrees to take Richard along as long as he fixes the car.

The comedy was released in theaters nationwide on November 16. Check out Mantzoukas in the movie, or catch his popular podcast, “How Did This Get Made?”