Dave Bautista to Play a Hitman in ‘Killer’s Game’

Dave Bautista Final Score
From “Final Score” trailer

The offers just won’t stop coming for Dave Bautista, who has signed on to yet another film titled “Killer’s Game”.

In the movie, Bautista plays an experienced hitman who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. This leads to a series of circumstances where he ends up putting out a hit on his own life.

There’s only one little problem: the diagnosis is a mistake.

Bautista finds out there was an error and he is actually in perfect health. However, he can’t call off the hit on his life. This leads to an action-packed plot where the wrestler-turned-actor has to battle a whole army of assassins to survive.

The Greek-Filipino Dave Bautista left a career in the WWE (though he still makes occasional appearances) for the silver screen, and apparently Hollywood cannot get enough of him.

In the past few months alone, he has been cast in the “Fantasy Island” movie adaptation, the star-packed remake of “Dune”, and most recently in Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead”.