Jason Mantzoukas Will Guest Judge on ‘Nailed It! Holiday!’

Jason Mantzoukas, the Greek-American comedic actor from “Big Mouth”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, and “John Wick 3”, will appear as a guest judge on the televised cooking and baking special “Nailed It! Holiday!”

For audiences who haven’t caught holiday fever yet, “Nailed It! Holiday!” is a competitive cooking show that deals with creating crazy holiday treats. Host Nicole Beyers said it best when she explained, “There’s a lot of stuff happening and it’s all bad.”

“Nailed It! Holiday!” premiered on Netflix on November 22. You can catch all the episodes from Season 2 on the streaming service.

Other guest judges who will be passing through the holiday kitchen include former “SNL” star Maya Rudolph and actor David Burkta.

Watch Mantzoukas and the rest of the judges and competitors in the trailer above.