Chef Maria Loi Helps Feed Healthcare Workers During Pandemic

Maria Loi

Chef Maria Loi has decided to help New York City’s health workers during the coronavirus pandemic by putting her Loi Estiatorio kitchen to work.

Loi’s restaurant, located in Midtown Manhattan, has long been a destination for lovers of gourmet delicious Greek food.

Now, Loi’s restaurant is delivering traditional Greek specialties like dolmades to healthcare workers at NYU Langone Health and Lenox Hill Hospital. NY City Lens states that Loi, “who has also been donating meals to the homeless during the health crisis, was the first to partner with a fundraising initiative set up by philanthropists Angela and Justin Clair to help feed medical workers”.

The initiative is called “Help a Restaurant, Feed a Doctor”, and its GoFundMe campaign states it aims to help assist medical professionals while keeping restaurants in business.

All cooks and delivery workers are careful to use proper protection and practice proper hygiene while preparing the meals. Loi insisted that she will not let more than four workers into the kitchen at a time, and meals are then quickly and safely dropped off on the curb for delivery workers to pick up.