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Filmmaker’s Quest for Beauty Takes Her to Greek Islands (video)

By Savas Abadsidis Hollywood production company Little Studio Films, run by the Greek/Italian mother/daughter team of Alexandra Yacovlef and Alexia Melocchi, seek to do that...

Throwback Thursday: A Los Angeles Greek Film Festival Recap

By Vasilis Papoutsis The festival concluded its 5-day run with the screening of the Panos. H. Koutras' film ''Xenia'' and an entertaining Orpheus Award ceremony that...

Game of Thrones Reignites the Greek Tale of Iphigeneia

Like the myths that confounded the Greeks, the latest twist in Game of Thrones has challenged its audience.

“A Night in Athens” at the LA Greek Film Festival

By Vasilis Papoutsis - "A Night in Athens" is a film about comedian Angelo Tsarouchas' one hour stand-up performance in front of a sold-out audience at the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation theater in Athens, Greece.

“My Child – Mothers of War” performing at the Hudson Backstage Theater

By Vasilis Papoutsis Greek American director Angeliki Giannakopoulos' play is a collection of monologues based on true stories from the mothers who lost their sons...
Robin Williams in "Dead Poet's Society"

Comedian Yannis Pappas Remembers Robin Williams’ Important Message in ‘Dead Poets Society’

It's quite strange. Every time a comedian dies, as a fellow comedian, even if you didn't know the person at all, you just feel extremely sad. It's like losing a fellow soldier.
Andrew Michael Parks a.k.a. Drew 32

Introducing Greek-American Up and Coming Rapper Drew32

Greek-American rapper Andrew Michael Parks, better known by his stage name Drew32, talks about his career and his dreams in music. Drew32 began producing, rapping,...

“Thank you for changing my life, Theo Angelopoulos”

Hollywood based film producer Alexis Varouxakis writes a personal note about Theo Angelopoulos and sheds light on this Great Greek director as a mentor. "I was 19 when I came to work on the set of 'Eternity and a Day'. It was the first time I was on a film set, the first time I met an actor - since then you very kindly let me into your house and your family. You gave me direction when I needed it," Varouxakis continues.

My Little Skinny Greek Life: On Liberty Street – book

I've written a story of what it was like to be the only Greek boy in town. The town is a small farm...

“The Janissaries”

A few years ago, in the lull of the winter months, I was so touched by the sad (true) story of the Janissaries, told...