Sasha Grey: From Porn Star to Mainstream Actress to School Reader

Sasha Grey is proud of how she used to make her living and she is talking openly about it. Her job - at least...

“Thank you for changing my life, Theo Angelopoulos”

Hollywood based film producer Alexis Varouxakis writes a personal note about Theo Angelopoulos and sheds light on this Great Greek director as a mentor. "I was 19 when I came to work on the set of 'Eternity and a Day'. It was the first time I was on a film set, the first time I met an actor - since then you very kindly let me into your house and your family. You gave me direction when I needed it," Varouxakis continues.
Robin Williams in "Dead Poet's Society"

Comedian Yannis Pappas Remembers Robin Williams’ Important Message in ‘Dead Poets Society’

It's quite strange. Every time a comedian dies, as a fellow comedian, even if you didn't know the person at all, you just feel extremely sad. It's like losing a fellow soldier.

The Greek Family on American Television: ‘The Slap’

"The Slap" miniseries premiered on NBC this past Thursday night, and though there are no Greek actors in the mix, the show revolves around the...