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Greek Director Konstantinos Mousoulis Launches Innovative Acting Workshops in the US

Greek film director Konstantinos Mousoulis will offer a series of intensive workshops this spring focused on film acting techniques in the cities of Miami, New...

Helena Charbila on New Movie ‘Bereave’ and Her Music

You may have recognized her from any one of a few Michael Buble videos. Or, you might have seen her in a McDonald's commercial that...

Amanda Seyfried: ‘Filming in Greece Was a Career Highpoint’

When asked in a recent interview about her still flourishing career, "Mamma Mia!" star Amanda Seyfried said that besides singing at last year's Oscars,...

Acting Coach Ivana Chubbuck Talks Exclusively Before She Arrives in Athens

Ivana Chubbuck, the acting coach behind the Oscar nominees talks exclusively about her technique and why she decide to do a masterclass in Athens.