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Patrick Tatopoulos to Direct Fantasy Film, ‘New Babylon’

Patrick Tatopoulos has signed on to direct the upcoming science-fiction fantasy project, "New Babylon." The Greek-French director/writer/special effects guru is set to get behind the...

Interview: Giovanis Brothers Direct Ensemble Cast in ‘Bereave’

ith an ensemble cast that includes legendary actors Malcolm McDowell, Keith Carradine and Jane Seymour, "Bereave," centers on a fatally ill man who thinks he has figured out how to die alone but must live to save his beloved wife when she goes missing on their anniversary.

Interview: Michael Angelo Zervos on Directing ‘Papou’

Greek-American Michael Angelo Zervos is making his directorial debut with "Papou," an emotional story that centers on a young boy who must deal with...
Nick Cassavetes

Nick Cassavetes to Make TV Directing Debut

Film director Nick Cassavetes is trying something new: he's set to direct the the first episode of the ABC television series "Astronaut Wives Club." According...