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A Green Story: The Earth Friendly Greek-American Dream of Van Vlahakis on the Big...

Ed O’Ross, Malcolm McDowell, Billy Zane and Alexis Georgoulis star in the tale of a young immigrant’s vision for a brighter future, the struggle to create an entity that placed people ahead of greed, and threatened billions of dollars in corporations’ profits.

Alexander Payne talks Descendants; reflects on his recent trip to crisis-hit Greece

The award-winning director in an exclusive interview with Kimon Kalamaras talked about his new movie "The Descendants", his experience at the Thessaloniki Film Festival and his 13 Greek cousins that he met in Greece!

Acting Coach Ivana Chubbuck Talks Exclusively Before She Arrives in Athens

Ivana Chubbuck, the acting coach behind the Oscar nominees talks exclusively about her technique and why she decide to do a masterclass in Athens.